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Demo Submission Page  

Submitting Your Demo - UK ONLY

1. You may submit a Demo or Press Packet of your Music to our Recording Label
 either by our snail mail address:

Savage Sounds LTD
PO BOX 687

ATTN: A&R Department

Send an email to info-@-savage-sounds.com to notify them that your demo is on it's way.

Please Note:
All tapes sent must be cued to start at the beginning of the clip or the set.
Any and all items sent must be labelled with Work Title, Artist's Name, and Contact.
Information must also include a Mailing Address, a Telephone Number, and if possible, an Email Address.


or 2. You can send us some MP3s and a Biography of your Band or Artist by filling out the form below and pressing submit form:

Sign Up Form:

First Name:

Last Name:

Real Name:

Email Address:


Band/Artist Name:







URL of Band/Artist Image File:

URL of Band/Artist Website:

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Band/Artist Biography:

Additional Comments/Information:

ADDITIONAL TERMS/INFORMATION: We do not share any personal information with any body. We use your personal information for our use only in case we need to contact you. We only promote Family-Oriented content to the general viewing audience.
Please do not waste our time by submitting offensive and vulgar content.

Please view our TERMS page here.
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