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Demo Submission Terms


All submitted tapes, images, clips, writing will stay the sole property of the sender, unless and agreement / contract has been signed and accepted by both the sender and Savage Sounds LTD
Upon submitting any item or items you are agreeing to the terms set forth herein.
Savage Sounds LTD is under no obligation to return any items sent to
Savage Sounds LTD without a self-addressed, postage-paid method of return. 
By sending your audition tape, cd, or cassette, you are agreeing to these terms. 
You also agree that  you are attempting to acquire a sponsoring of your talents by Savage Sounds LTD, and also that said company is not required nor under any obligation to sponsor any individual or group of individuals who sends any item or items to be reviewed. 
Thank you.
Savage Sounds A&R Department.